Board Members’ Activities


Name Category Activity
Ad Exchange
Coordinating timing of what ads with what groups when
Group-specific MSCO program ads (different layout, artwork than flyers or in MSCO program)
Competition Flyers
Coordinating distribution; providing for distribution at rehearsals, concerts
Create and submit print order and coordinate pick-up and delivery to rehearsal and concert
Flyer cards
Concert Advertising Easel And Banners
Bringing, setting up advertising Easel and banners for MSCO at LAUMC week before concert
Create and submit print order and coordinate pick-up and delivery
Creating/printing/replacing easel, easel, plastic poster announcemements, plastic banners as needed
Getting permission for posting easel(s), banners, and other advertising material
Storing Easel(s) and banners between concerts
Taking down Easel after LAUMC concert
Concert Receptions
Coordinate reception help; Collecting and guarding donations after reception
Deliver reception donations to treasurer
Make and provide suggested donation signs for each reception table
Provide and set up donation containers on each of the tables
Provide clean (cheery) tableclothes, large and small plates, forks, knives, napkins at each concert
Provide individual waters (Alayne) at each concert
Provide reception food (currently all from La Placca Family Bakery in Ben Lomond, CA) for each concert
Set up reception before concert warm-up rehearsal at each concert
Tear down reception after each concert
Concert Ticket Table
Provide and set up table cloth for ticket table for each concert
Set up all advertising materials on ticket table and provide any instructions needed to ticket takers
Set up ticket table before concert warm up
Per-Program Artwork
Must be able to view program with artwork, and use artwork in different profiles (program, card flyers, posters, emailers)
Reviewing candidates with selected members and choosing per-program artwork
Selecting artwork candidates for programs, advertising for each concert
Program Flyers
8.5″x11″ Posters
Basis for email
Card Flyers
Create and submit print order and coordinate pick-up and delivery to rehearsal and concert
Posting and distributing at LAUMC
Posting and distributing in surrounding communities
Providing current concert posters for ticket tables at concerts
Providing for distribution and rehearsals
Ad Exchanges
Board Members and MSCOA information
Create and submit print order and coordinate pick-up and delivery to concert
David’s Bio and Photo
Fundraising Campaign
Guest Conductor’s Bio
Next Season Programs
Orchestra History Summary
Orchestra Photos
Other scpecial announcements
Program Artwork
Program Notes for each composer, piece
Request for Donations
Request for Volunteers
Request inputs for personnel and donors
Request review before printing and make updates as needed
Soloist Bio and Photo
This season’s Season Program Advertisement – all remaining programs, with soloists’, guests’ pictures
Volunteers – Acknowledgements
Season Flyers
Need dates, times, venues, pieces, soloists, guest conductors, would like photos
Preferably by last concert of season; Must have by first concert of season
Select artwork, create flyers, create and submit print order, coordinate pickup and delivery to concerts
Create & maintain board meeting minutes
Create ticket events & tickets
Maintain web site
Send pre-concert public mailings
Track ticket sales
Competition Flyers
Put competition info on web site
Concert Ticket Table
Provide cash box with appropriate change
Provide will-call lists
Buy music
Copy parts
Distribute parts
Rent music
Return rentals
supply parts for contractors
Collect dues
Contractor information & reporting
Distribute contractor payments
Give board Reports
Maintain cash box
pay misc. bills
process & acknowledge donations
Renew ASCAP/BMI licensing
Renew insurance
Submit CA Atty General report
Submit CA Secy of State report
Submit federal & state tax returns
Articles in community newspapers
Editorial help (programs, flyers)
Entered (successfully) KDFC’s Neighborhood Arts Spotlight
Frequent e-mails soliciting new players (particularly strings)
Represent interests, give information at Board meetings of my area (Menlo Park, Portola Valley, Palo Alto, Atherton)
 Provide flowers for soloists
 Post concert notices on CMNC list
Post flyers (many) in my sphere
Visit Sequoias to encourage concert attendance